Nowadays, the Decalogue is rarely seen as a gift of God's mercy. That is why it is looked at from a negative point of view; typically, emphasis is not put on the good contained in it, but rather on what is forbidden. If we wish to understand God's design contained in the commandments and carry them out faithfully, we must know how to see them as a gift; we must recognize the good that God intends through them.
The conferences contained in this collection aim at pointing out the good which God safeguards for our happiness in each commandment and in the duties of our state. As we come to know this good, we will better understand God's merciful love for man; this makes our attitude of trust toward Him, and thereby the fulfillment of His will, easier.
Trust is neither an emotional nor an intellectual acceptance of the truths of faith, but a lifelong personal relation with God which is expressed in fulfilling His will. The will of God is a gift of His merciful love, given to man for his temporal and eternal happiness. Revealed in the commandments, Beatitudes, evangelical counsels, duties of one's state, as well as in the discerned inspirations of the Holy Spirit, it is a light and signpost along the path to heaven. It protects man's good in this earthly life and in view of eternal life.

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Trust in The Practice of Life