Marian Helpers

The Association of Marian Helpers assists the Congregation of Marian Fathers in uniting all the faithful who want to develop spiritually, to imitate Our Lady’s life, to proclaim to the whole world the truth of Divine Mercy according to Mary’s example and under Her guidance.

Members make themselves and their neighbours holy through prayer, penance, acts of mercy which they offer to God in the intention of the Church, for the souls suffering in purgatory and praying for priestly and religious vocations.

By their prayers and work and if possible material help, they support the apostolic and missionary work of the Marians. All the members of the Association of Marian Helpers share in the fruits of the daily Masses, prayers and good works of the Marian Fathers and Brothers.


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To become a member of the Association simply fill up the form and post it to us along with a membership fee. You can choose among the following options of the membership:







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